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Residential Locksmith Services Will Help Make Your Home Safe

Professional Door and Door Hardware
Installation and Repair

Many times there is a reason for the failure of your door or door hardware that is beyond normal wear and tear. It is not always enough to just make the repair because something else created the problem. It is important to identify contributing factors that created the problem and make the necessary repairs and adjustments to prevent further short term failures.

Doors don't always need to be changed, sometimes they can be effectively repaired.  So, opposed to replacing a door we will repair whenever it is more cost effective. Our trucks carry many parts, if we don’t have a part on hand, it can usually be obtained within a day. We will never waste your money by replacing expensive hardware that can easily be repaired.

Door Installation Falmouth Maine

Residential sliding door locks help secure your home.

This door typically comes with one of the weakest locks, and can be forced open rather easily. One of the best defensive devices is a small bar hinged on the door jamb behind the sliding door which can be raised and lowered with ease.

This is simple, inexpensive and very effective. You can use a stick of wood in the track. However, do you like constantly bending over to remove it or do you just leave it out? This unit will also offer a visual for the would- be criminal.

Often time’s customers will say: “If they want to get in bad enough, they will”, Or “Locks only keep honest people honest.” This is wrong! Residential crime is opportunistic. The criminal wants burglary to be quick and quiet. Not having your sliding door secure makes it quick and easy for a break in at your home.

Don’t be the easiest target on the block. If the break in is diffucult and noisy they will go elsewhere.

Locks for Sliding Doors

Installation of Basement Window Bars

Your basement window can be an area of concern for security of your home. We can provide you with simple bar solutions to help secure your basement windows.

The most important thing about residential security is peace of mind. You can always do more and you can always do less. Do you leave your doors unlocked? Perhaps you have never had a problem. Are you willing to keep taking your chances? The simple answer is what is going to give you the peace of mind you are seeking when you are home and while you are away! Residential security does not have to be expensive. Let us show you how we can cost effectively secure your home.

Basement Window Bar for Safety in Maine

Custom Made Locks

If you have areas that need a custom lock made we can custom design a lock to fit your needs. Sometimes there are areas in your home that are difficult to put an ordinary lock, that's when you should call us, so we can professionally design a lock to secure those difficult areas.

Custom Designed Lock for Maine Properties

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