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We Provide Commercial Door and Door Hardware Repair and Installation Services

Commercial Automatic Door Closers For Your Business

A Door closer is a unit mounted at the top of the door that incorporates hydraulic fluid and spring pressure to automatically close a door.

If there is one item that is almost always installed incorrectly, it is the door closer. We are the door closer experts! If you are tired of the leaking oil, the screws constantly coming loose or if the wind is damaging your door, then it’s time to give us a call.

Commercial Hands Free Door Opener

Sanitary hands free door openers are now available. For use on restroom doors and exit doors on commercial stores, restaurants and shops. These forearm openers are designed so the arm is released as the door swings. This is a great way to add a level of protection for your patrons by having Freedom Lock install hands free openers on doors at your business.

Master Keying Services Makes It Easy For the Key Holder or Business Owner 

Locks keyed to different individual keys and one key, a master that works all. One of the many benefits of a master key system is that it allows the master key holder to move about the building freely while carrying only one key.

While we are performing the process of master keying, we also be sure all locks are tightened, adjusted and lubricated.

Professional Door and Door Hardware Installation

There is often a reason for the failure of your door or door hardware beyond normal wear and tear. Many times it is not enough to just make the repair the door or hardware. It is important to identify contributing factors that created the problem and make the necessary repairs and adjustments to prevent further short term failures.

If we can we will always repair whenever it is the right choice to be cost effective. Our trucks carry many parts, if we don’t have it on hand, it can usually be obtained within a day. We will never waste your money by replacing expensive hardware that can easily be repaired.

Door Hinges and Pivots Repair and Replacement

We repair and replace all types of pivots and continuous hinges. It is extremely important that the door be hung properly within its jamb. All other components such as door closures and locks must be operating properly to provide you with a complete solid job. When we repair or install new hinges, we make certain that the margins (space between the door frame and threshold) are correct. If the space between the door frame and threshold are not correct the life of the job can be shortened significantly.


"Gary was so wonderful to work with. We had reached out to a different company that was recommended to us, but they took several weeks to even schedule an appointment to look at our commercial door. Gary came over same day, provided a quote within minutes (which was less than their competitors), and came back quickly to finish the job. He was prompt, extremely kind, professional, and easy to work with." Laura Keith 

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